Mittwoch, 15. September 2010

"Why every Creative City needs a FabLab"


WAS:"Talk to me about: Why every creative city needs a FabLab?"
WANN: Do 16. September um 19:00h
WO: Betahaus Café

Aus dem Veranstaltungshinweis: "21t century’s metropoles are full of creative workers that produce not only with their heads but also with their hands. Innovation needs a place where it can be tested and an inspiring environment where it can flourish. Shouldn’t every city provide their citizens with fully interconnected and equipped spaces where they can network and get their stuff done? We have invited decision makers and actors from Lisbon, Amsterdam and Berlin to debate on why every creative city needs FabLabs- because the ‘if’ is not a question anymore. Join us and have a voice!" Und hier gibtsweitere Informationen zum Event.

Wer nicht vorbeikommen kann, aber trotzdem ein wenig Open Design Luft schnuppern möchte: Die Diashow gibt Impressionen von Open Design City im Betahaus Berlin und dessen kreativem Flair.