Samstag, 9. Oktober 2010

"Car was Yesterday. Acabion is Tomorrow."


"AACLB" und "Open Design City Berlin" laden morgen zum "ACABIAN Open Design Workshop" im Betahaus Berlin ein. Veranstaltendes Team ist: Liss C. Werner, Dr. Peter Maskus, Lenka Mikova, Roland Heß. Werde teilnehmen und berichten. Für Interessierte vorab einige Infos:


"Acabion stands for evolution, innovation, sustainability, research and humanity. Acabion Architecture focuses on highly performative design inspired by nature, technology and the basics of living. We are looking at a design future which does not impose but values our basic human desires. evolutionary and not revolutionary. Using software packages that take into account issues such as environmental powers, swarm intelligence, parametrics beauty and culture specific wisdom are challenged." (AACLB Website)


"Currently we are living a transport system which is clumsy in appearance and frittering away valuable natural resources. Architecture, design, engineering and material technology have the chance to change our hardly performative infrastructural system. We could travel from Berlin to London or Paris within one hour using a fragment of the energy currently used, when applying Acabion technology and bionicly driven design throughout. Acabion works on existing streets and will be complemented by skyways and high speed tunnels. We are not trying to save our world, but are mainly looking for the application of advanced architectural design as research platform with a slight chance to manifest this in near future." (AACLB Website)


• Bionics as Design Strategy for Swarm intelligence
• Acabion vehicle concept: small projection area, small cw-value, small weight and friction, highest motor performance - “Royal Straight Flush” for mobility
• How does an Acabion Way influence our future transport and hence behavior?
• What does Acabion architecture / landscape look like?
• Investment strategies for Acabion Architecture
• Acabion in light of Buckminster Fuller
• What does Acabion Fashion / Accessories look like? Acabion ball gown??
• How can Acabion Architecture develop as Open Source platform (McNeel, Grasshopper)?
• Who are the designers of Acabion Architecture?
• What is the connection to augmented reality?
• How can we apply LilyPad, Arduino and software such as processor taking Acabion as a medium?

Open Design City im Betahaus Berlin
Prinzessinnenstraße 19, Berlin Kreuzberg
10.10.2010 von 14 -18h
Workshop Sprache English|German